Excel Shortcuts

More Help

In addition to the video, we have also created an open source Excel add-in that you can use to learn more about Excel shortcuts. The addin is valid for Excel 2007+ and can be downloaded here:

Click Here to Download Excel Shortcuts Addin

The addin allows you to search for shortcuts by typing what you are trying to do (e.g., if you need to know the shortcut to insert rows, you can simply type "row"). It also allows you to test key combinations and see if they are assigned to any actions by default (e.g., if you type "Ctrl-b" it will tell you it is assigned to set the font to bold). Note that when you are testing key combinations, the addin only knows about default shortcuts (i.e., it doesn't know if you or someone else has assigned the key combination to a macro).

Lastly, there is also a PDF cheatsheet in the download showing you what we believe to be the most important Excel shortcuts. Part of that list is also shown at right.

Our Favorite Shortcuts:

Ctrl- / / / Move to next contiguous cell
Ctrl-PgUp Move to the previous sheet
Ctrl-PgDown Move to the next sheet
Ctrl-F Open find dialog
Ctrl-Shift- / / / Select cells in contiguous direction
Ctrl-1 Open format cells dialog
Ctrl-C Copy
Ctrl-X Cut
Ctrl-V Paste
Shift-F11 Create new sheet
Ctrl-O Open workbook
Ctrl-N Create new workbook
Ctrl-W Close current workbook
Ctrl-S Save current workbook
Ctrl-Z Undo
Ctrl-Y Redo