Follow formulas like they were links on a web page

Our free (and open-source) add-in lets you treat your Excel formulas like they were links on a web page. For example, assume you are on a cell with a formula in it and want to go to the cell referenced within the formula. You can do this directly in Excel by pressing Ctrl-[. If you want to then return to the original cell you were looking at, you can press Ctrl-G followed by Enter. If all you need to do is follow one formula and go back to your starting point, Excel's built-in functionality will be fine. Our add-in helps you with the times when you need to step through multiple cells to get the answer you want. For example, assume A1 references B1 which references C1. If you are on cell A1 and use Excel's built-in functionality, your cursor will jump to cell B1. If you then hit Ctrl-[ again, you will be on cell C1. Unfortunately, you are not able to easily get back to cell A1 using the Excel shortcut keys mentioned above.

With our add-in, you can easily follow cell A1 to B1 to C1 and go back to B1 and then A1. In fact, you can track up to 100 layers of formulas and move backwards and forwards with just two shortcut keys:

  1. Alt-RIGHT (i.e., your right arrow key) to go to the source of the current formula.
  2. Alt-LEFT to go back to where you started.

Thus, in our example, when you are on cell A1 you would hit Alt-RIGHT to go to cell B1. Then hit Alt-RIGHT again to go to cell C1. When you are ready to go back to B1, hit Alt-LEFT. Then hit Alt-LEFT again when you want to go back to A1.

Best of all, the add-in is free and open-source! You can download a copy now and try it out without having to pay a dime. If you like it and find it useful, great! If not, simply uninstall the add-in. If you find a problem with the add-in (and know VBA), you can easily fix it by viewing and changing the code as necessary.