The Grid Mule

A better spreadsheet.
33.5m Rows
Powerful Formulas
Comparing Docs

33.5m Rows of Data

You can store slightly more than 33.5 million rows of data with the Grid Mule. This is almost 32 times as many rows as Excel. The only thing limiting you is how much memory you have.

More Powerful Formulas

Did you ever try to do a "VLOOKUP" and then realize you couldn't do it because the lookup column wasn't in the first column? How about a complicated "IFTHEN" that you couldn't read after you wrote it? We try to fix those problems and more.

Works Well with Others

Send your spreadsheet to a friend and then easily view the changes they made when you receive it back. This includes information that they added or deleted as well as anything they changed.


Easier Scripting

While VBA is powerful an well known, it is overly verbose and difficult to scale. We allow you to script in Lua, a powerful scripting language that makes scripting the Grid Mule childs play.

Built in Versioning

Instead of using "ad hoc" techniques to deal with version issues (like appending "v1" to the filename), use our software to track that information. Restore old versions and even use formulas to get old values.

Want to Learn More?

Download an alpha version of the software (at the top of this page) or read more on our blog.